Mobile-based system which helps in tracking good agricultural habits & practices from farm to finger.

AgriClear will help in tracking good agricultural habits using distributed ledger technology (DLT). This allows customers to scan labels with smartphones to access detailed supply chain information, seed plantation, fertilizers used, harvesting process, and origin.

In the meantime, the tracking of good agricultural habits made by AgriClear will help create a unique identity of agricultural products. For instance, apples of Jumla have significantly higher demand in the market because they have a unique identity. Such unique identity will make local products more competent while greatly enticing the buyers to buy.



In recent times, the authenticity and quality traceability of products and activities in the agriculture supply chain has become a necessity for agribusiness. These are some of the problems incurred due to the lack of transparency.
  • Competitive advantage over imports: Local agricultural products do not have a competitive advantage over cheaper imports. Therefore, farmers are forced to sell far below the cost of production.
  • Information gap: Middlemen take the largest margin due to lack of flow of information and transparency in the market to farmer and farmer to market.
  • Consumer demand for safe food: Modern urban consumers demand produce that is fresh, palatable, nutritious and safe which is very difficult if not impossible to verify.



Agriclear records all the information of an agro product from its- production to its delivery. Let’s see how it works.



Farm Management System
Farm Management System
  • Digitize and manage farms, crops, farmers, and distributor databases.
  • Push notifications to farms to log in specific data in the system against the crop calendar.

Transparency and Traceability
Transparency and Traceability
  • Chain of custody of agro-products is maintained using Blockchain, including the life cycle records like chemicals used and harvest dates.
  • Print QR codes of crops for consumers to track crop history throughout the supply chain and identify its provenance.
  • Access product history to reduce ignorant practices and ensure good agricultural practices in the agricultural supply chain.
Agro Knowledgebase and Crop Calendar
Agro Knowledgebase and Crop Calendar
  • Detailed crop and livestock information including planting period, special husbandry practices, and harvesting periods specific to ecological zones.
  • A locally adapted crop calendar can help farmers standardized farming practices to increase productivity.

Digital Agro Advisory Service
Digital Agro Advisory Service
  • Customized and crucial service to support individuals and organizations with agricultural and meteorological information to enhance their productivity and skills.

Analytical Dashboard and Reporting
Analytical Dashboard and Reporting
  • Disaggregated data are used to generate reports that can empower stakeholders like agro-businesses, insurance companies, researchers, and government agencies to make data-informed decisions.
Traders Calendar
Traders Calendar
  • Information and Calendar with an estimated harvesting period of agro products. Traders can use this calendar to get the estimated production trends and quantities.


Agricultural farm
Agricultural Farms

  • Output predictability, regular monitoring of farms, and assurance of good agricultural practices.
  • Fair and premium price for transparency and good quality of agro-products.
  • Lower risks of oversupply and return in investment to farmers.

Agro Traders
Agro Traders

  • Get notifications when agro products are ready to harvest developing and reinforcing supply chain.
  • Access to the trader calendar which provides information on output prediction of various products from farmers.
  • Develop brand value and trust with end-consumers.

End Consumers
End Consumers

  • Consumers get access to a transparent product history for what they pay for.
  • Establishing greater trust with the agro-producers and traders.
  • Provide direct feedback to agro-products.




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