A mobile-based blockchain system that helps in tracking products from source to final customers.

AgriClear uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track quality production and manufacturing practices, enabling customers to scan QR-coded labels with their smartphones. This access provides detailed supply chain information, including product origin, manufacturing, and processing, along with enterprise details, fostering trust between enterprises and consumers.

In the meantime, tracking quality production and manufacturing practices with AgriClear will help create a unique product identity. For instance, apples of Jumla have significantly higher demand in the market because they have a unique identity. Such a unique identity will make products more competent while greatly enticing the buyers to buy.



94 percent of people are more likely to stay loyal to brands that are completely transparent, and 73 percent would pay more for a product if it was completely transparent. - Label Insight.
  • With Agriclear, brands can build transparency, thus differentiating themselves and offering consumers a compelling reason to choose them over their competitors.
  • AgriClear helps track and monitor production/manufacturing activities and build efficiency in business processes.
  • Businesses can connect and engage their consumers with their stories and be more profitable. Consumers are ready to spend 2-10% extra for transparent products.



AgriClear records all product information from production and manufacturing to delivery. Let’s see how it works.



enterprise Management System
Enterprise Management System
  • Digitize and manage enterprises, workers, users and other involved stakeholders' databases.

Transparency and Traceability
Transparency and Traceability
  • Data of product is recorded and maintained using Blockchain, including the life cycle info such as production details, and manufacturing details till it gets completely ready to use.
  • Print QR codes of products for consumers to track products' history throughout the supply chain and identify their provenance.
  • Access product history to reduce ignorant practices and ensure good manufacturing practices in the products' supply chain.
Agro Knowledgebase and Crop Calendar
Agro Knowledgebase and Crop Calendar
  • Detailed crop and livestock information including planting period, special husbandry practices, and harvesting periods specific to ecological zones.
  • A locally adapted crop calendar can help farmers standardized farming practices to increase productivity.

Digital Agro Advisory Service
Weather Information
  • Access to detailed meteorological data aids farmers in optimizing their agricultural activities, while businesses benefit by proactively adjusting their supply chain operations to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Analytical Dashboard and Reporting
Product and Batch Management
  • Easily add the list of Products depending on the necessity of the enterprises.
  • Help the user in managing their products inventory, better quality control, increased efficiency, improved traceability, and better decision-making.
Traders Calendar
  • Keep track of Product and Enterprise Inspection data easily. Using the blockchain system for recording inspections' data can make the process more efficient and reliable. It ensures security, transparency, and trustworthiness in all inspection records.


End Consumers
Manufacturing and Processing Companies

  • Able to record and track the particular product's batches.
  • Develop brand value, build and maintain trust with end-consumers.
  • Gain customer loyalty simultaneously after having trust.

Agro Traders
Distributors and Suppliers

  • Able to record and track the particular product's batches.
  • Establishing greater trust with the producers and manufacturers.
  • Provide direct feedback to producers and manufacturers.

Agricultural farm
Agricultural Farms

  • Output predictability, regular monitoring of farms, and assurance of good agricultural practices.
  • Fair and premium price for transparency and good quality of agro-products.
  • Lower risks of oversupply and return in investment to farmers.



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