How are Eggs being tracked through Agriclear

How are Eggs being tracked through Agriclear

How are Eggs being tracked through Agriclear

Eggs are one of the world's most nutritious and cost-effective protein sources. Each egg includes 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and a variety of vitamins. Eggs are the best nutritional food after mother’s milk. But have you ever asked yourself about where the eggs that you consume come from? Is it safe to consume all types of eggs that are available to us in the market? And also do you think tracing and tracking of the eggs is important for we consumers to eat healthy and safe foods?

What if today, I told you that you can buy eggs by analyzing all of its information just by using your smartphone? As we always have our smartphone with us, we can get all of the relevant information about the eggs by just scanning the QR code.

Well, Shreenagar and AgriClear are offering eggs with a QR code on the package that you can scan to learn about the eggs you're buying and eating for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Both AgriClear and SAF believe that transparency builds trust, and that using technology to connect this information to end-consumers would help them create value and, as a result, build a loyal customer base for their superior quality products.

Ms. Moushumi Shrestha- Executive Director of SAF said “ Eggs from our farms are of high quality but our team always struggles to create that uniqueness and differentiate our products from others in the market. Use of AgriClear to track the supply chain information will provide us with a platform to reach our consumers directly and tell them our brand stories.”

Shreenagar Agro Farm works with a number of local farmers and has partnered with them for the production of quality eggs. Currently, it collaborates with AgriClear to track and deliver their high-quality eggs from their farms, ensuring that we consumers receive high-quality, transparent eggs.

Currently, SAF has been working with AgriClear to track and distribute their quality eggs from the farmers to provide a high quality transparent eggs to we consumers.

  1. Production

Shreenagar Agro Farm works with the local farmers for the production of their quality eggs. Currently, to track the eggs, it has been working with only two farmers. It collects the eggs from those farmers and brings it to their warehouse. 

  1. Processing

After collecting the eggs from the farms, they sort them as per their respective farms. The SAF team will then enter the producer's name, farm location, breed, laying date, and the distance the eggs travelled before arriving at the production facility into the AgriClear. After all of the required information from the production has been entered into the system, the eggs are processed in the processing department. They verify the eggs for quality, choose eggs that are comparable in size and colour. 

  1. Packaging

      After the eggs have been processed and quality checked, the eggs are packaged, and all of the data acquired from the time of production until the date of packaging is entered into the AgriClear system. Then, the eggs from the specific farm are recorded in the system's into different batches, which include the processing time, packing date, and a QR code label attached to each package of eggs.

      1. Distribution

      Then after, each package of eggs is dispatched to the logistic department and then they send it to the various marketplace.

      The tracking and monitoring of good agricultural practices by AgriClear assists in the formation of distinct identities for various products. All data relating to eggs is tracked in the system, assuring traceability and improving the brand's appeal to the customers . Also, Since all of the data is stored in the blockchain-based system AgriClear, consumers will be able to track the status of the eggs from farm to delivery by just scanning the QR code associated with it.

      About Shreenagar Agro Farm

      Shreenagar Agro Farm, an agribusiness enterprise, works with the local farmers providing integrated services with an aim of making every ‘Kisan’ (farmer) a ‘ShreeKisan- a Shreekisan is a progressive farmer who is empowered by Shreenagar to take his or her business to greater heights of success.Shreenagar is one of the pioneers in promoting the use of digital platforms, by launching the Shree Kisan App for farmers and Golden Food App for the consumers. It has recently partnered with AgriClear, a blockchain-based supply chain tracking technology, to trace its egg supply chain. They track all the information related to the supply chain of eggs from production to final consumption. Through its various platforms, Shreenagar supports each farmer's long-term profitability and growth, as well as informing consumers about the significance of transparency in determining the quality of agricultural products.

      About AgriClear

      AgriClear is a mobile-based solution that makes tracking good farming habits and practices from farm to finger easier. It enables a seamless flow of information throughout the agro-supply chain and presents an impactful story of each product tracked, empowering each actor in the supply chain.

      It incorporates blockchain technology to record agro-supply chain information and create a unique identity for agricultural products, allowing consumers to track the status of each product from delivery to consumption by scanning the QR code linked with it. Consumers can use their smartphones to scan labels on tracked agro-products to acquire detailed supply chain information including the agro-inputs used, harvesting details, processing details etc.

      Meanwhile, AgriClear provides consumers with evidence and helps boost consumer trust in products through traceability and transparency in the food supply chain. It has been working with various leading agribusinesses in Nepal and Shreenagar Agro Farm (SAF) is also one of them. AgriClear is currently working with Shreenagar Agro Farm (SAF) to track eggs from production to the delivery. AgriClear's main purpose is to use data and facts to help agro-businesses develop trust with their end-consumers.

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